"Ask Sherwin-Williams"

The “Ask Sherwin-Williams” tagline made an unexpected and memorable appearance during a baseball game in 1996. The center fielder for the Cleveland Indians, with his back against the outfield wall, leaped as high as the Sherwin-Williams logo in his successful attempt to prevent a home run.
“How high did he jump to get that one?” asked one announcer.
“I don’t know,” his broadcast partner responded. “Ask Sherwin-Williams!”
“Ask Sherwin-Williams” is a rallying call that has stood the test of time, from its inception in the 1980s to the present day. The memorable words speak to the company’s focus on providing customers with a highly trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic work force.
When Executive Chairman Chris Connor started at Sherwin-Williams as director of advertising in 1983, the iconic campaign was just being finalized — with his approval.
“I couldn’t have possibly known this at the time,” Connor said, “but I’ve come to feel this more strongly than anything in my life. That is that we were inviting the world to ask our employees, that the people of Sherwin-Williams were a different breed, that we wanted to be put to the test. . . . We owned that with one simple saying.”
The continuing relevance of this theme inspired updated versions that capitalized further on the company’s reputation for impressive know-how and service. One tagline urged customers to “Ask How, Ask Now, Ask Sherwin-Williams.”
Sherwin-Williams prides itself on offering a product for every project and maintaining an exceptional level of quality across its product ranges. This attention to detail is matched by the focus on employee training and development. Our insight into the industry enables us to work closely with contractors, helping them to become more profitable.
To complement its paint experts, the company has long provided consumers with a variety of “how-to” guides, from the Paint and Color Style Guide and Home Decorator of the 1950s, to the 1970s Color Harmony Guide, to today’s “Ask Sherwin-Williams” online resource, with extensive illustrated guides to painting, wallpapering and staining.
Such attentiveness to customers’ needs does not go unnoticed. Sherwin-Williams consistently finds itself in the Interbrand Top 50 Most Valuable Brands. “The brand thrives on its historical equity,” one recent Interbrand report said, “and professional-level advice from a knowledgeable staff through its nationwide network of small stores.”
This reputation for being more than just a paint store has helped the company continue to grow. The “Ask Sherwin-Williams” tagline helped the firm expand to where it is today. “It’s stood the test of time,” said Connor.