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From anti-microbial paint to coatings for our nation’s beloved monuments, we’re continuously pushing the boundaries of possible to provide our customers with innovative solutions and products that transform, protect and beautify the world around us.

Technical Groups

Product Technology: Utilizes open research and exploratory programs to develop the chemistry necessary to launch future innovative products.


Commercialization: Works closely with Marketing, Manufacturing and Technical field personnel to drive formulation, commercialization and scale of architectural and specialty products.


Raw Materials Technology: Ensures raw material supply and quality, generates cost savings, identifies raw material solutions for product gaps and provides innovative microbiology support to product development and our manufacturing facilities.


Analytical Resource Center: Provides technical support to all aspects of the paint life cycle, from characterizing the raw materials used in formulations to the analysis of coatings that need improvement.


Polymer Resource Center: Develops and commercializes value-added polymers and materials technologies.

Commercialization Engineering: Ensures formula accuracy, product performance, manufacturability, and overall consistency to promote a flawless product finish.


Color Lab: Provides support for all color functions to Marketing, Stores and Product Development Labs, including new developments and services in quality, color matching, software and standards.


Competitive Lab: Leads performance testing of competitive architectural coatings. Marketing and development teams use this data to position products in the market, as well as to identify opportunities for modification to existing products.


Weathering Facility: Provides technical support through the evaluation of naturally weathered panels and monitoring the exterior substrate industry for new and improved products.

“I really enjoy working with my team members; they have a passion for science and a wealth of knowledge to learn from! We are all encouraged to think creatively, and, despite being relatively new, I feel that my ideas are always listened to.”




Chemist, Performance Technology


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