The Sherwin-Williams Management/Sales Training Program is designed to prepare college graduates for a management or sales career within the company. It equips you to service the commercial market (painting contractors, builders, designers, architects, etc.) and the do-it-yourself (DIY) market, or the automotive aftermarket and OEM customer base.

The Management/Sales Training Program helps you develop the interpersonal skills vital to building lasting relationships with customers and teaches you everything you need to know about our products, processes and procedures so you can become an effective store manager or sales representative. It is the first step of what can be a very successful and fulfilling career.


Phase I- On-the-Job Training
This phase of your training experience (typically six-eight weeks) takes place in a "Training Store/Branch" and focuses on five main functional areas: Product Knowledge, Customer Service, Human Resources, Marketing and Financial/Operations Management. More info

Phase II- Division Training
After completing On-the-Job Training, you will attend classroom training. During this phase, you will interact with your peers and division management. More info

Phase III- Placement
After Phase II completion, you're ready for your next step - your own store/branch, where you will take on the role of Assistant Manager.  From that time on, your career will include ongoing training and job certifications that will keep you up-to-date on the information you need to excel and advance to the next level. More info


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