Community / Social Involvement

What is the Company’s social policy statement?
The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to conducting business in an ethical and legal manner throughout the world as described in its Code of Conduct.
How does the Company invest in the social community?
The philanthropic arm of our Company is The Sherwin-Williams Foundation. Its mission is to provide a strategy for our employees and shareholders that is aligned with our Culture of Excellence, business objectives and supported by our guiding values. The Foundation is committed to children’s health and education that leads to economic independence.
The Foundation provides grants to nonprofits that are providing solutions in the areas of children’s health and education that leads to economic independence. Geographic areas eligible for Foundation grants include Cleveland, Ohio and locations in which the Company operates a manufacturing and/or distribution facility. Additionally, the Foundation awards one $50,000 signature grant, The Sherwin-Williams Grant, annually to an organization addressing community needs in innovative ways to systemic change.
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report The Citizen: pages 44-55 .

How is the Company engaged in the community?

Community engagement comes in many forms at Sherwin-Williams. Dollars from the Foundation help to fund innovative solutions in the areas of children’s health and education that leads to economic independence. Many of the communities in which we do business run successful workplace campaigns to support their local United Way – an agency with a rich history of serving health and human service needs. Volunteer programs support local food banks in an effort to eliminate hunger, a national partnership with Rebuilding Together helps to ensure that the most vulnerable of our neighbors has access to adequate housing, and teams have provided ongoing support to do their part for a treasured national park. And on any given weekend, employees around the world are running, walking and bowling in fundraising support of organizations like Komen for the Cure, Junior Achievement and the American Cancer Society. While listed here are several of our biggest efforts, countless hours and commitment are poured into the local community by our employees every year.
Together, employees and the Company can provide a profound impact on our friends and neighbors in the communities in which we do business every day.
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report .


How does the Company participate in community education?

Sherwin-Williams and our employees have always been committed to giving back to our communities and supporting education, through formal corporate programs as well as localized efforts. Some examples include:
  • Sherwin-Williams Foundation awards an annual cash award to a charity committed to either children’s health or educational programs that lead to economic independence.
  • The Sherwin-Williams Foundation funds a matching gift program to qualifying educational institutions.
  • Partnerships with local schools, colleges and universities providing research funding, curriculum development, trade skill training, and full and part-time internships
  • Localized drives to collect and distribute school supplies
  • Volunteer efforts and material donations to paint and renovate local educational facilities.
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report .

How does the Company promote its employee volunteerism?

The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to being a good neighbor in the communities in which we live and work. We continue to be proud of the time and talents that The Company and our employees contribute to many worthy charitable causes around the world. We are pleased to have the opportunity to support organizations that reflect our Culture of Excellence and serve some of the most vulnerable of our neighbors.
With so many worthy charitable causes in need of support, it is our hope that by ensuring that projects align with our core values and business strategies, we can ensure a positive outcome for all involved. Some of the ways The Company supports employee volunteer efforts include organized events, grants for volunteers and matching gifts programs.
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report .


What impediments does the Company face in implementing its community commitments?

S-W faces challenges in the diverse communities in which we do business, as well as the complex diversity in our business operations. While we do have overarching giving priorities, the reality is that those stated priorities may look very different in response to a particular community’s needs, or the capacity of S-W’s presence in that community.


How does the Company prepare for emergencies?

All manufacturing operations have Emergency Management Programs, which are on file with the Corporate Safety Group. All operations have trained emergency action teams and practice responding to various emergencies throughout the year. Facilities are equipped with emergency equipment including alarms and fire protection. Arrangements have been made with local emergency response authorities. Third party emergency response contractors are retained to respond to major emergencies (e.g., fire, spill or transportation incident).
See pages 22-30 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report .


Does the Company screen suppliers based on social, environmental, or safety performance?

To protect the community, the environment and our employees, Sherwin-Williams reviews hazardous waste vendors for compliance and proper management procedures before approval for use by our facilities. Sherwin-Williams operations and business units also often consider contractor safety performance in the selection process.

What efforts does the Company make for mitigation, remediation, or land reclamation?

See Company’s Annual Report.