Opportunities & Career Paths

Build your career where you are valued and rewarded.

Our proven training and managing methods provide auditors with the support they need to develop into knowledgeable business leaders.  Because of this, many departments throughout the company look to Internal Audit when hiring opportunities arise, making Internal Audit the number one source for accounting and finance talent internally.

Successful auditors have been promoted into roles related to Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, and Management, among others.  Within the department, we offer the career paths outlined below: 

Career Path

In order to achieve success in the Internal Auditor position you must have:

  • A strong work ethic
  • Self-motivation
  • An analytical and solutions-oriented mind
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision
  • A desire to learn and to advance
  • The ability to demonstrate follow-through on issues
  • The ability to effectively communicate findings to stakeholders at all levels
  • The desire to help store managers improve their operations

Your ultimate goal as an Internal Auditor is to leave each store manager feeling that his or her store is better off since the audit was conducted.  In too many companies, an audit is perceived as a threat.  But at Sherwin-Williams, the audit function is recognized as a positive management tool because our auditors approach each audit with the sincere desire to help the store improve its operations.

The benefits of this novel audit approach include:

  • A good business relationship with store management promotes two-way communication without sacrificing objectivity
  • Acceptance of each Field Auditor as a member of the continuous improvement team
  • Self-satisfaction, knowing you have helped to improve the company’s bottom-line
  • Your expanded knowledge of and exposure to other areas of the business
  • Recognition for your part in positively impacting business processes
  • The rewards of promotion