I am Sherwin-Williams

Michael Yasukohci
  • Michael Yasukochi,
  • District Manager,
  • Cal-Central, Paint Stores Group,
  • SW Employee Since 1989

I began my career as a college intern with The Sherwin-Williams Company. After graduation, I joined the MTP program; then placed as an Assistant Store Manager. I then managed four stores, each progressively larger in sales volume. My last position prior to my current Metro City Manager position was an Industrial and Marine Sales Representative for four years.

In my career, I was training Store Manager. Last year, one of my MTP trainees, who later progressed from an Assistant Store Manager to Branch Manager, won a President Club Spectrum of Excellence Award. Watching the satisfaction and excitement of this Manager winning this award after such a dedicated work effort and overcoming the many challenges became a highpoint in my career.

Erin Fink
  • Erin Fink,
  • Technical Coordinator,
  • Automotive Division,
  • SW Employee Since 2002

Sherwin-Williams really relies on their employees to work above and beyond their potential, and I've had several opportunities to work on projects that have added value to our Company. However, in my case, I think the best example is the opportunity S-W has given me to go back to school. One of the fantastic things about Sherwin-Williams is they offer tuition reimbursement. For me, S-W has been proactive in providing me with a chance to make a difference. In giving me the financial help and support to go back to school, they've afforded me with long lasting lessons that will enable me to help make a difference in the future.

I love working for Sherwin-Williams because it's a Company that people respect. Not only do we have ethical standards that far exceed some of the corporate world's other members, but also we have a Company culture that promotes family, integrity, health, knowledge, philanthropy, and well-being. S-W presents us with so many opportunities for an enriched quality of life that it's hard not to be proud of our Company. Whether it's our 401k benefits or our excellent Wellness Program, it's easy to see that S-W really cares about investing in our futures and that makes me extremely proud to work here. Every time I see one of our stores or our logo, it makes me really proud to know that it represents a fantastic Company and a wonderful place to work!

Rich Collins
  • Rich Collins,
  • Manager Internal Audit, Loss Prevention,
  • Corporate Division,
  • SW Employee Since 2000

Sherwin-Williams has been good to me during the years that I have been with the Company. I have held a number of different positions over this time period, and each one has been enjoyable, while at the same time offering unique learning experiences. I am proud to be a part of the talented group of people that make up this organization, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the ongoing success of this great Company.

Carmen Alvarado Safadi
  • Carmen Alvarado Safadi,
  • Sales Supervisor, New Construction,
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador,
  • SW Employee Since 2003

In 1991, I went to work with Pinturas Condor first as a secretary to the general manager. Later I moved into sales and was promoted to manage a store in their new chain. In 2003 I was selected by Fanapisa to open and manage their first Sherwin-Williams store in Ecuador. After we sold just $25 worth of merchandise at the end of that first day, I closed the door and said, “This is only the beginning!”

Two years later, with the store on solid footing, I was promoted to management, with the launch of our construction products in Guayaquil.  At the beginning, I remember working many hours under the sun, in large, isolated and dusty areas, accompanied only by a brush and paint can. I was waiting to meet with the architect, so I could show him the quality of my paint. Sometimes, I had to wait several days, but I never gave up. How hard is the beginning … but how much one learns. I am doing what I had wanted to do my entire life!