Real Life Plans

Global Wellness Program: The Sherwin-Williams' Wellness Program is meant to continually improve and maintain the physical and mental well-being of employees and their family members. We offer this benefit to prevent, educate and help manage health risks, while lowering health care costs for both employees and the Company. Benefits of the Program include sponsored fitness and nutrition competitions, discounts to local gyms, weight loss programs, an extensive and informative website including healthy recipes, articles, tips, planning tools and more!

Vacations: During your first calendar year of employment, you'll earn a day of vacation for each full month of service (up to 10 days). As you build your employment service with Sherwin-Williams, you receive additional paid time off - up to a maximum of 29 days.

Holidays: You will enjoy a variety of paid holidays each year.

Tuition Aid: As you grow, so do we. That's why we sponsor the Tuition Aid Program. Through the Tuition Aid Program, Sherwin-Williams encourages full-time employees to acquire additional skills and knowledge that will contribute to their development and to the growth of the corporation. This program covers the cost of tuition and lab fees for course work that's related to your position or any course required for a work-related degree.

Adoption Assistance: We know the importance of a full and enjoyable family life. That's why Sherwin-Williams provides assistance for employees who are adopting a child. The company will reimburse the cost of licensed adoption agency fees, legal costs, medical expenses not covered through your health insurance policy, temporary foster care expenses, and transportation costs incurred while obtaining physical custody of your child (up to a maximum of $5,000 per child). After your child comes home, we'll grant you a leave of absence so you can get to know the new member of your family. Adoption Assistance is available to full-time employees with at least one year of service.

Employee Discount Program: Get a better price when you use your Employee Discount on purchases at Sherwin-Williams' stores and automotive branches. And, anyone in your immediate household can take advantage of the same discount. Discounts vary with the products you purchase.

The benefit and coverage defined above is a general overview. Specific information defining the benefit can be obtained during the application process.