Research & Development Internship

Throughout your time as an intern or co-op, you will have the opportunity to figure out if this type of work is something that interests you & we get an opportunity to learn all about you as well.  You’re placed in a work group, reporting to a mentor and you’re given a “real-world” project to work on while you’re here.  Throughout your internship or co-op, we’re able to see a win-win relationship develop.  If you choose to interview for a full-time position upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to talk through the experience you’ve had as an intern or co-op and hopefully join us as a permanent member of the Sherwin-Williams Family.

As an intern or co-op, you’ll be an active participant on a project team. You’ll also have specific goals to achieve during your 12 weeks.  As a result, your mentor will complete periodic evaluations on your progress throughout the 12 weeks.

Near the completion of your internship or co-op, you will be required to share your work through a technical poster or technical presentation.  Here, you have an opportunity to showcase what you’ve done and learn from your peers at the same time! 

Part of what makes an internship or co-op in R&D so fulfilling, are the extras.  Our interns and co-ops spend their 12 weeks learning about the chemistry behind paint and learning how to work in an industrial setting—for a phenomenal company.  More importantly, our interns and co-ops spend time with peers and end up with great friendships after the experience is over.  Our interns and co-ops have an opportunity to attend lunchtime lectures where they learn about resume writing, interviewing skills, & preparation for their presentation.  They also have the  opportunity to attend company functions with full-time employees in addition to attending “Intern-only” events like “Intern Night at Progrssive Field”—where they get to take in a Cleveland Indians game.  They begin networking with their peers as well as with professional contacts, as we partner with organizations like iCleveland and Summer On The Cuyahoga.  

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Research & Development

Current Research & Development Internship Openings

Are you looking for an opportunity in Industry?  Are you pursuing a  Chemistry or Chemical Engineering degree?  Join us for an internship or co-op & participate in the longest interview ever!

Current Research & Development Internships