Information Technologies Success Stories

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"The Corporate Security Co-op Program prepared me for my current position by giving me real work to do and the opportunity to work closely with a full-time Analyst in the field I enjoy."

Bill Lampe; Corporate IT Analyst, Information Security. Started with Sherwin-Williams as a Co-op 05/2004




"The culture of Sherwin-Williams empowers employees to develop ideas, strategies, and procedures to advance the company goals, while the open door policy welcomes creativity and fresh approaches to any given circumstance."

Art Beasley; Corporate IT Co-op, Client Services Started with Sherwin-Williams as a co-op 12/2007




"After being a co-op for Sherwin-Williams, I definitely wanted to stay with the company for many reasons; the deciding factor was that the people who work for Sherwin-Williams are extremely knowledgeable and willing to transfer that knowledge to others."

Michael Yee; Corporate IT Analyst, Information Security Started with Sherwin-Williams as a Co-op 11/2006



"As a co-op in the Infrastructure department, I was given many opportunities to learn and get hands on experience. The Co-Op Coordinator for the group made sure that I was aware and prepared for openings in other departments as well."

Megan Biddle; Corporate IT Analyst, Infrastructure Started with Sherwin-Williams as a Co-op 06/2006