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The Information Technology Department at Sherwin-Williams is committed to our success as America's Paint Company and their hard work and dedication is directly tied to the future of the business.

IT provides support for all phases of business operations. Aiding in the development, commercialization, manufacture, distribution and sales of our products. Working closely with the business, IT plays a critical role in setting the future direction of the company.

Over the next several years, The Sherwin-Williams Company plans to continue to invest in IT worldwide to update technology and assist the business to operate more efficiently.


Opportunities in Information Technology at Sherwin Williams are limitless. We empower our employees to determine their own career track. If you're interested in leadership, you'll be given the opportunity to follow the management track. If you want to stay on the technical side, you'll be given opportunities to become an industry expert. We give you opportunities to develop real skills that can help you attain your personal career goals... Even if your long-term goal is a career outside of Information Technology!

You're dedication and commitment is directly tied to the success of the business. If you're a high achiever looking for your next challenge, the Information Technology Department at The Sherwin-Williams Company maybe the best opportunity for you. Visit our professional careers page to apply.

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