Our Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion


Demographic shifts will cause some of the most profound changes between now and the year 2050. As the world evolves, we must continue to evolve with it. The ability to penetrate diverse markets is critical to the success of the Sherwin-Williams’ family of brands and thus increase the demand for our products.

We are on a Mission to embrace Diversity and Inclusion. Not only is it important to us, it is also important to...

Our Customers
As the demand for our products increases globally we will experience even more diversity in our customer base. We are positioned to employ different approaches to how we go to market. Having diversity throughout our Company provides insights that can be leveraged to increase the success of our marketing efforts by connecting with our customers on a deeper, more culturally-relevant level. These insights give us the ability to increase market share and brand affinity.

Our Employees
A diverse workforce creates an environment that leads to a more creative and innovative approach to business. This atmosphere also provides a wider range of solutions, based on differing cultural and life experiences, in every area of the business.

Our Shareholders
Diversity in our product offerings and employee, supplier, and customer base has a positive impact on our profits. Further, an inclusive environment translates into higher employee engagement, continuous improvement, and positive performance.

Our Suppliers
Sherwin-Williams recognizes that how we operate our Company has an impact on the economic development of the communities in which we live and work. We believe that success is achieved through a diverse group of people working together to find the best solutions, and we are committed to providing access to potential business opportunities for qualified minority, female-owned, Veteran, and small businesses. Our goal is to create a supplier base that exemplifies inclusion and represents the diversity of our employees, customers, and communities.

Our Community
Our community engagement efforts help us to better understand and address the needs of the diverse communities in which we operate. Corporate philanthropy is vital to Sherwin-Williams and we embrace the opportunity to work within those communities.