Diversity Commitment

This is indeed a unique time for Sherwin-Williams as we reflect on our nearly 150-year history and look to the future. We are pleased with the way our Company is evolving to meet the challenges in our ever changing diverse markets. We continue to find new ways to leverage our inclusive culture to achieve our diversity mission and provide a positive experience for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our sales in more than 100 countries continue to expand, and it is critical that we continue to listen to and respect the different cultures and combine their experiences with guiding values and principles that have made Sherwin-Williams a world leader.

Sherwin-Williams’ commitment to diversity and inclusion is shared by our entire leadership team and is an integral part of our strategy for success as we move forward. This commitment to our employees, suppliers, and our shareholders will provide us a competitive advantage.

A culture of diversity and inclusion is about more than just “doing the right thing.” It is about attracting top talent from a variety of backgrounds who can use their unique perspectives and experiences to improve business results. It is about valuing, encouraging and supporting those whose backgrounds and experiences may be different than our own.

Most importantly, it is about our mutual success—as individuals and together as a global organization—and our ability to face the challenges of the next 150 years.

We are pleased to present our Diversity and Inclusion report that highlights our approach to creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion and respect. We are encouraged by our progress and look forward to continued positive results.

Christopher M. Connor
Chairman and CEO

A Commitment to Diversity

Please take a moment and view a clip from our Diversity Training Video:

Sherwin-Williams is committed to fostering a culture of openness, respect and inclusion that invites and values differences among employees, customers and suppliers resulting in improved business performance.

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