Retirement Plans

Company-Paid Pension Plan: YOU may not be thinking about your retirement - but we are! Through our Pension Investment Plan, you get real savings you can count on and it doesn't cost you one cent.

To be eligible for a Company-funded pension contribution, an employee must complete six months of service, accrue 1,000 hours within the calendar year, and be employed on the last day of the year.

After 3 years vested service, you're 100% vested in the pension plan - and the money in your pension is yours to keep for retirement.

Stock Purchase & Savings Program: We offer an excellent Stock Purchase & Savings Plan with a 401(k) provision that gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder of the Company AND save for your retirement.

Through easy payroll deductions, you make regular purchases of the Company's stock, thereby increasing your interest in the growth of the Company and its financial success.

After one year of service, Sherwin-Williams matches your contributions in an amount equal to 100% of your contribution on the first 6% percent of your earnings.

With the Stock Purchase and Savings Program combined with the Pension Investment Plan, you've got a powerful retirement savings program that could outlive Social Security!

The benefit and coverage defined above is a general overview. Specific information defining the benefit can be obtained during the application process.